School Calendar

Holidays/Events for Fall 2019 Semester

August 9New Student Orientation
August 12-16Teacher In-Service Week
August 19First day of School
August 26MAP Test
September 12-14Chuseok (Harvest Moon Festival)
September 21SKAC Volleyball Divisional Games
September 26-27Parent-Teacher Conference
October 3National Foundation Day
October 5, December 7SAT Test Day
October 9Hangeul Proclamation Day
October 16PSAT
October 18School Day Trip
October 22SKAC Cross Country Championship
October 24SKAC Volleyball Championship
October 31-November 2Professional Development Day(EARCOS)
November 12SKAC Cross Country Championship
November 15-16Professional Development Day(KORCOS)
November 20SKAC STEM Fair
November 26SKAC Model UN/ Spelling Bee
December 3SKAC HS Basketball Divisional Games
December 6TOEFL iBT & Jr. Test
December 13Recital & Art Exhibition
December 16-20Final Exams
December 20Last Day of School, Closing&Awards Ceremony, Graduation

Holidays/Events for Spring 2020 Semester

January 24-27Seollal (Korean New Year’s Day)
February 7New Student Orientation
February 10-14Teacher In-Service Day
February 17First day of School
February 19HS Basketball Championship
March 1Independence Movement Day
March 7, May 2SAT
March 16SKAC HS Futsal Divisional Games
March 26-28Professional Development Day(EARCOS)
April 11SKAC Debate and Speech
April 15Legislative Election
April 17SKAC Fine Arts Festival
May 3Jeonju University Anniversary
May 5Children’s Day
May 6-8, 11-15AP Test
May 19SKAC HS Futsal Championship
May 21-22Parent-Teacher Conference
June 5TOEFL iBT & Junior Test
June 6Memorial Day
June 12Recital & Art Exhibition
June 15-19Final Exams
June 19Last day of School/ Closing Ceremony(Presentation&Awards)