GPA lunch box history

In GPA, we did not have lunch box. This system is very new and challenge. Before this system created, all of the students went to convenience store, order to fast food restaurant and went to student restaurant for eat lunch. When student went to convenience store, almost of the student bought Ramyun because it was very cheap. Also students did not have enough times for slow food. When student ordered slow food or went to student restaurant, it spend a lot of times. That result, students should eat food very fast and they lost times for rest. It was very big problem. So, school decided to order lunch box for students. When school made this system first time, many student very happy. But other side student had some anxiety because it was challenge. Of course, this system had some problem. student just abandoned food trashes to trash can. Junju university got a lot of dissatisfaction to this system. So this lunch box system got danger what it can be disappear by GPA office. Student observed who abandoned the food trash at trash can and sometimes they try to find to abandoned them. That result, student could keep the lunch box system in GPA.

In GPA lunch box system, we have some special day. In Tuesday and Thursday, some special food like hamburger, pizza, chicken, etc… come to GPA for people who put in the lunch box system. Usually we order lunch box from Obong lunch box store.

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This is one kind of the menu in Obong lunch box. This lunch box store’s food is not bad. In the GPA, we correct money and order the food almost 1 month. When we think about the spending money amount, it is not very different between buy food in convenience store and order lunch box in GPA. Lunch box system has a lot of advantage for student so,GPA should keep this system.