About Jeonju

The city GPA is located is called Jeonju. Jeonju is in western side of South Korea and it is very famous for traditional Korean building called Hanok. There is a place called Hanok Village in Jeonju and it provides lot of traditional food and play for foreigners. People can enjoy the traditional plays of the game of Yut, traditional swings, Korean wrestling and etc and the traditional food of bibimbap. Bibimbap is a Korean traditional rice mixed with healthy vegetables. Jeonju is most famous for bibimbap in Korea. Also, there are places where people can borrow to wear Korea’s traditional clothes called, Hanbok. Foreigners and even Koreans from different cities visit Jeonju to enjoy the korea’s traditional food, clothes and entertainments. So I recommend the teachers of GPA, who are new, to visit Jeonju Hanok village to experience and enjoy our traditional cultures.

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In Jeonju, many students in GPA go to Sinsigaji to have fun. In Jeonju Sinsigaji, there are lot of famous place for food, shop and play. Olive Young and Watsons is women’s cosmetic shop, Baskin Robbins 31 for ice cream shop and King Wang Jjang for PC room. There is this place where people can enjoy the ‘escape from the room’ . The ‘escape from the room’ is first represented as a game and in korea there are cafes that shows the exact version of the game and people can enjoy by solving the puzzles and escaping. Also in Jeonju downtown, even though it is far from our school, students can enjoy by shopping. There are lot of stores for clothes and cosmetic products. There are movie theaters so students can enjoy watching movies. Jeonju sinsigaji and downtown are major places where students go to have fun.

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Jeonju Hanok village, Sinsigaji and downtown is slightly far from our school, and because our school is inside Jeonju University, our students can enjoy the restaurants located at the old gate and the new gate of the university. Restaurants the our students visit often are Mom’s Touch, Sinjeon in the new gate and Addal, Gilgoria, and bapburger in the old gate. The university also provides their library for our school students so students can study in the library and even borrow books on exam weeks. There are lot of places for food, entertainments and study near GPA, so students can enjoy varieties of amusement.

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