Student Council Presidential Promises – Fall 2016

In September 9th, GPA’s new school president, Daewook and vice president, Youna had a speech in 2nd floor, at dear time. This speech was for to say thank you to people who vote for them to be representatives and to remind their promises that they will going to work on for this semester. They said that they are going to prepare lunch box, Sports Day, and Wi-Fi for students’ convenience.

First of all, Daewook and Youna said that they are going to order lunch box for students who are having difficult time to choose lunch menu every day. “I know that lunch is a serious problem to you. What do you eat for lunch? Including me, most of the students eat lunch at convenience store or ordering food between classes. It is really uncomfortable to order food for lunch everyday. Last semester, some students argue for menu of the lunch box. So, for this semester, I will conduct a survey to determine the menu and adjust a cost based on the menu.” According to Daewook’s speech, students rather need to order fast food or go to convenience store everyday which is really inconvenient. To solve this problem, our president and vice president will going to find lunchbox place that would fulfill both convenience and budget, make a survey to search for students’ favor, and order every lunch time for us! Therefore, student do not have to worry about their lunch menu every day and not be late for class.  

Next, the school president and vice president, Daewook and Youna gave one idea for coming up field trip in their speech, “Since we can not go overnight field trip, I think it will be better to do events such as a sports day, instead of riding bus for over 5 hours in a day. If you do not like to play sports, you can enjoy to watch your friends’ playing sports with snacks. It is just one idea for the field trip. You can come up with better idea later.” However, they are welcoming other ideas for coming up field trip, so people who have good ideas should talk to Daewook!

Lastly, both Daewook and Youna stated that our school Wi-Fi is not ideal by its slow speed since it first placed, therefore, they are going to buy new one for students who have to use internet during classes or lunch time. In Daewook’s speech, he said “Lastly, I noticed that our Wi-Fi does not work in certain areas or devices. So I will fix it for you not to experience any difficulty when you need Wi-Fi for school works.” Consequently, school representatives will ready Wi-Fi as soon as possible.