Science Fair

November was a month of science fair. Science fair is a fair that students prepare for their own projects based on scientific method(hypothesis, experiment, result, and thesis) and their favor of the science subjects they learned through years. Also, each team has two members and they are able to choose any kinds of subject that they feel confident about, such as physics, engineering, biology, and chemistry. Therefore, there were various types of experiments going around these days and most of the research data were settled with their group members in beginning of November. On November 4th, each team exchanged their report with other group and did peer editing to get feedback from different point of view. After peer editing, everyone fixed their mistakes to strengthen their statements and to be more specific about their findings. Since, all of the paper jobs were done, each group made a poster to present their project toward Jeonju university students, GPA teachers, and other students who did not participated science fair. The point of this activity was to share ideas and comments about each experiments and chose best groups to go actual science fair in Busan to compete with other schools(BFS,GIFS, etc) students. There were two teams each for one section, so about 14 teams went to Busan to participate in the final competition in the following next Tuesday.

In BFS, each group displayed their poster on the table to show teachers from different schools and the judges who asked question about the lab to grade. It was a long journey. GPA was able to get result of the science fair one day after the competition day. Youna and Bojeong’s ‘Earthquake Proof Machine’ achieved 2nd place in engineering section, Sinae and Chaehee’s ‘Multitasking Experiment’ achieved 2nd place in psychology section, Geunwoo’s ‘Acid Rain Experiment’ achieved 1st place in environment section, and Marina and Saea’s ‘Music favor Experiment’ achieved 1st place in psychology section. It was the first time ever we achieved the price in the science fair and we got many. It was a honor for GPA and the students who participated to do experiment, write report, and design poster are deserve to get applause.