Another Earth?:Discovery of 7 Earth-like Planet

Through the development of technologies, the idea of alien is becoming possible. Recently, National Aeronautics and Space Administration(N.A.S.A.) define that the 7 earth-like planets were found were discovered from 39 light years away from Earth. The 7 earth-like planets:b, c, d, e, f, g, and h orbit the sun-like star called Trappist-1. The temperature of the surface of these planets was guessed to be 0~100 degree Celcius. European Southern Observatory(EOS) define that the three planets e,f, and g shows high possibilities that the creature to exist and they described this news as it is the Holy Grail to the astronomer.

The 7 Earth-like planets have the very small amount of time of the cycle of revolution, which is only 1.51 through 20 days. Compare to Earth, 365 days, it is very small. In only 1~20 days the everything gets 1year older. They are close to stars, but it is smaller than the Sun, so there is no worry to burn to death. In the first, the scientist found the constant decreasing of the brightness of light through the astronomical telescope in Chile. The first three were thought to be discovered. However, through another observation with N.A.S.A.’s spitzer space telescope the total 7 planets were found. This means there are numerous amount of Earth-like planets; the possibility of the existence of another creature in the space is increasing.