Yearbook: About gpa

About rooms in GPA
In gpa, There are many classes so i pick few class to write.
First, music room in downstairs, i think it’s bad.
Because the instrument’s are stiff and some can’t made sound.
And bugs came out too. I think they have to fix the broken instruments and buy some new ones.
But not all of them are bad. And soundproof facilities are good.
And other things are good that teacher is very kind and teach students many things.

Second, I think the art room have to change a little bit.
Like art class need to show lots of pictures and videos.
But we can’t see in the little computer.
So i think art class needs big TV.
And i like teacher is very skilled.

And I think about the lunch time.
Its good to gather people and buy lunch.
But the problem that have to fix about this is there are little space.
That means, people are many but there are few tables.
So students eat in couch and computer chairs.
I didn’t like to go outside or eat in the dorm, but there are little, so i go outside to eat.
But i like the little kitchen.
Students use microwave and small refrigerator so i like it.

And.. the dormitory, I think its enough space and clean.
Table is big and the window is safe.
But one problem is soundproof facilities are bad.
so when i talk other room can hear.
So i think this have to fixed

I think the basketball courts and fitness buildings are good.
so we can play basketball in large space.
I don’t like gym so like me
And, it’s large and open space, so we can play football too.

This is my end of my yearbook word.
Thank you