To prepare next tournament

Soccer tournament (How to improve our soccer skills)

On March 16th, our school’s soccer team went to Handong International School, which is located at Pohang, to participate for the SKAC’s soccer competition. At that day, we had three games against Busan International Foreign School, Daegu International School, and Handong International School. During the competition, Busan International Foreign School and Daegu International School beat us. We lost by four to two against Busan. Also, we lost by eight to four against Daegu. However, we beat Handong by three to two. It was the only game that we won that day. In past few years, we had not won a single game. However, we finally won one game in soccer. To prevent the situation of losing every game, we need to train and practice a lot harder. In comparison between other soccer teams and us, they had several big guys who could kick stronger and faster; however, we did not have any of those. Also, they all had a formation and a strategy that they could play in the real game. On the other hand, we did not have any. Therefore, to prepare the second competition or to win several games, we had to prepare some strategies to make goals. For example, the centerback, who is a best defensive player, kicks the ball to the front over other players so that we can get a ball and shoot right away. There can be another strategy which is called “two to one passing.” This strategy is very useful to get rid of other team’s defender. Therefore, our team has to practice this practical strategy to win the next several games in the second competition, which is going to happen in Busan International Foreign School.