The favorite Southeast Asian destinations: 2017

As our life quality is getting better, people have more chance to take care of themselves. These days, many people invest their money and time to go to trip for their relaxation. According to survey, Korean people preferred Southeast Asian countries to travel because of saving more budget of the flight ticket. Therefore, I will introduce the favorite Southeast Asian destination of 2017.

<Details in Philippines>

Detail in Philippines is the cheapest place to travel. As Details has the least pressure of wasting budget and nice weather, many young people prefer to go. The minimum price of going Details is 259,000 won, and the maximum price is around 2,696,200. The first thing to introduce the schedule of activities that people can enjoy the best is ‘Caubian Tour’. During this tour, people can ride a traditional Pine-Filipino bingo boat and try snorkeling. The other tour that people could have fun is ‘Oslob Day Tour’ which people can see Tumalog Falls and Oslob whale shark. People could see endangered gentle whale which is the biggest fish exist in the Earth. Moreover, visitors are able to try diving experience which could see colorful tropical fish and take a photo shoot in coral forest. For the last schedule for this trip, it will be really nice to visit Bohol Island to see the beauty of Details nature. This island is the one of the biggest island among 7,107 islands in Philippines. Over many places, Details is the greatest place to experience active water sports and the feel the beautiful natures and unique animals with least budget.

<Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia>

Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia is one of the best known places to relaxation in the nice beaches. As Kota Kinabalu has nice weather and many enjoyable activities, many people decided to go for a family trip. The minimum price of going Kota Kinabalu is 313,800 won, and the maximum price is 2,605,000 won. The first schedule that people prefer to go is Tongue Abdullah Bay National Park Island. These islands are the best place to snorkeling and have fun with various water sports. Also, the benefit of this trip is all ages of people could have fun and release. While youth are have fun with water sports, elders can release on each hammock or ride a banana boat. After many water activities during the day time, visitors could go to see the ‘Sun Set Night Tour’ in the evening and get nice feet massage to release muscles and relieve stress together. On the other hand, there is Marimari Cultural Village which visitors could see the folk village of Malaysia and traditional performance with dinner. Furthermore, there are Sabah State Mosque which is the largest mosque in the Sabah State. For the last schedule of the trip in Kota Kinabalu is ‘Firefly Tour’. This tour is one of the best night activity which people enjoyed. According to my experience of this tour in Kota Kinabalu, the boat go deep in the forest at night to see the firefly. People could see numerous fireflies like the stars in the universe. It will be the best memorable time with your family that you never had before. Therefore, Kota Kinabalu is the best place to experience various activities and make the best memories with your family.

<Cambodia Siem Reap>

Cambodia Siem Reap is the best known place of Angkor Toys. Siem Reap is one of the most expensive countries to travel among the Northeast Asia. The minimum price to go to Siem Reap is 431,400 won and the maximum price is 2,103,000 won. There are some reasons that Siem Reap is one of the popular places to travel in 2017, even Angkor Toys discovered very recently and Siem Reap one of the most spending budget place to travel among the Northeast Asian country. First, Angkor Toys is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was go by the wayside for very long time in Siem Reap, however it discovered very recently with many mysteries. Second, Angkor Toys is sinking and starting erosion. For visitors’ safety, many people say Angkor Toy will close in few years. Therefore, Cambodia is one of the popular countries to travel not just go for volunteering work. The most popular schedule of Siem Reap is of course to go to Angkor Toys. According to my experiment, to use motorcycle or motorcycle wagon is better than use bicycle to go to Angkor Toys and other temples in Siem Reap. As the weather is really hot in Cambodia and the long way to go to Angkor Toys are not that easy with the bicycle. Nevertheless, many people lend the bicycle because they can save money and they can go wherever they want. Not just Angkor Toys, many visitors visit Cambodian Folk Village and the Traditional Market. In the Cambodian Folk Village, people could experience of traditional Cambodian lid and traditional wedding ceremony at the same time. Also, Royal Garden became a new popular place to go these days which also called ‘Bats Park’. In the Royal Park, there are many black bats are hanging or flying around the tree and the sky like a bird. Therefore, Siem Reap is the best place to see the unique architectures and cultural heritage such as old temples and mysterious Angkor Toys.

<Mango from Cambodia>

While I travel many different countries, it is really nice to experience their culture and learning their history. I have many reasons why I enjoy traveling other countries, but among them, I realized that the best advantages of traveling are able to enjoy eating fresh food and fruits. Especially, the recent country that I went, Cambodia, was the best tastes of Mango and dragon fruits. I will expecting if any other people travel Northeast Asian countries, they will never forget the sweetest fruits they will have!