Soccer Tournament 2017

The last soccer tournament we had was in Handong, 5 hours away from Jeonju, and we played a total of three rounds there. As soon as we arrived,the first match was up against BIFS, the soccer team from Busan. We started off slowly, and at first, we were winning 1-0, but as time went on, we started to lose points, and lost the game 2-4. However, the other team was BIFS, we weren’t surprised that we had lost. We had delicious pizza for lunch, and practiced for our next match. We were up against DIS, which was a team we could have a chance to win against. Again, we were winning 1-0 in the beginning. However, we lost 4-8. The last team was against Handong, which was the team all the schools thought were the best in all sports. We just had the mind of playing for fun, so even I didn’t have any thoughts of playing for the last match. I was watching the girl’s match, when one of our layers ran up to me and said they needed me in the game. I was confused, but when I arrived, we were winning 2-0! I went in defense immediately, and the 15 minutes felt like an hour as we were running up and down the field. There was about 3 minutes in the game when we lost 2 goals, making it 2-2. However, we were able to score one more goal and win the game! We had won against the team that we had never won the past years, and it made us feel proud of ourselves. It motivated us, and we will work on new strategies and plans to win in the next tournament held in Busan. We will be more than ever ready, and win all the matches!