We NEED New Computers

What do you need to have freedom? What are the benefits of being free? It helps us have more confidence in ourselves, and makes things easier for us. However, everything comes with a price. Whatever is achieved or accomplished comes with a price called responsibility. If that responsibility is payable, freedom is achievable too.

Look at the computers in the computer room on the second floor for example. Probably every single student in our school has used them before, and they would all have the same judgement about the computers, “They are slow”. Half of the time for the classes that use the computer lab is erased just to turn on the computers and getting them to function. It is proved that the oldness of the computers is the main problem, and they should be switched with new ones. However, do not forget that everything comes with a price. If the computers are exchanged with new ones, we, the students are using it, so we are the ones with the responsibility to take good care of the computers.

Nowadays, everything is done with technology. smart phones, television, laptops, etc are all used in classes too. However, computers are the most important technology to use when studying. Projects, presentations, essays, and further studies are used with computers, and they should be fast to use. To keep with the trend that counts for education is needed.  The benefits of this exchange are faster software, meaning speed of education increasing, saving time, and more efficient to use. This is not for free of course, and we have the responsibility, and we are sure that we will take full responsibility for the conditions of the new computers. The computers on the second need to be replaced with new ones, and we will make sure they are taken care of.