Luciano Pavarotti – King of high C’s –

Nessun dorma! Nessun dorma! To pure, o Principessa…..

Can you hear this beautiful song? Do you know who sang this song? This voice owner is Luciano Pavarotti very famous, having very beautiful voice like angel world vocalist. He born October 12, 1935, Modena, Italy and died September 6, 2007, Modena, Italy. His first stage was La fille du régiment in London.  His voice was like a singing angel’s voice and many people loved him. Also, his nick name was King of high C’s. Because he made high C very well. So, he could be very famous world vocalist soon. Also, one stage made him very famous in every world. When his one of the frined José Carreras got leukemia, he won the disease and he can go back to stage. In 1988, Pavarotti and his frined decided to open the welcome back ceremony with José Carreras’s foundation. The concert called The 3 tenors concert. The concert was very long. The concert was almost 15 years. They went Italy, US, Korea, Japan and last Mexico. Originally, they tried to go to German, but in that time, Pavarotti got pancreatic cancer. So they could not go the German. The concert’s result, many sophisticateshe and not sophisticate people gather in the concert. In that time Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti sang songs. That result many not sophisticateche people started to listen vocal music, opera. He reduce music’s wall and made many people enjoy vocal music and opera in The 3 tenors concerts. Sadly he died not very old age. If he did not die by cancer, I believe, many people who do not listen vocal music, will enjoy vocal music or opera. He carved his name in this world. He and his friend changed people’s stereotype about classic musics. I hope, people will remember forever about Luciano Pavarotti and his songs.