iPhone 7 review

The iPhone 7 is start selling on October 16. The retail price start at 649$ cheaper than iPhone 6.

The biggest change is the camera and the home button, they increase camera specs (12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras,Wide color capture for photos and Live Photos) and it is close to DSLR camera. And they make a new home button too, from now there is no more pressing button you can just touch the button, this will be helpful for people who has problem of broken home button.

Also the best change is the waterproof, so from now people don’t have to worry about raining day ( My iPod was broken because of rain) and humidity. However there are few question to apple, Why they got rid off the headphone jack on the new iPhone. Their decisions are difficult to understand. And they make a new ear pods called Air pods (159$), no body like this decision and even for me (fan of apple) I don’t want to spend my money for the new lightning cable or air pod. And also the design is not changed. Until i phone 5, the Apple’s design was improving every models and they were innovative. But after 5s they lose their character and no more change in design. Look at the iPhone 7 it look almost same as 6s there are only difference of lines.  If Apple want more consumers, they have to show their idea they have to focus on innovation. After Jobs died, they start losing their symbol and character. I hope that Apple find new designer to figure out the problem of company.