Introduce about the teachers of GPA

There are many teachers in GPA, and they are MR. Lapointe, MS. Dermendji, MS. Turner, MR. Vance, MR. Schottler, MR. Mark, MS. Yu, DR. Spidell, MR. Joselson, MS. Bowles, MR. Snowberger, MR. Fuller, and MR.Dean. There are also MR. Thomas who is counselor, DR. Gonzalez who is the principal of GPA, and office teachers. I am going to introduce about them.  There are two English teachers in GPA, and they are MR.Fuller and MR.Dean. They usually teach Introduction to Literature, World Literature, American Literature, Classical Literature. MR.Fuller is Canadian and he likes ice hockey. MR.Dean is American and he is Buddhist. He is also good at Chinese, and he is learning Korean, too. There are two mathematics teachers in GPA, and they are DR. Spidell and MR. Joselson. They usually teach Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus. DR. Spidell is Korean – American, and she is good at both English and Korean. When the students have problem about communication between teacher and students(or parents), she helps them. MR. Joselson is American and he is pleasant. He also likes ice hockey. He enjoys take pictures of some students and situations secretly. Sometimes he shows those pictures. He had been on TV. There are two science teachers in GPA. They usually teach Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and AP classes. MS. Turner is Canadian and she has very big classroom. She likes students and students also like her. MR. Lapointe is Canadian and he was working in KAIST a few year ago. He is  very meticulous and deligent.

There are two social studies teachers in GPA, and they are MR. Vance and MR. Schottler. They have the best relationship of GPA. They always talk each other and laugh, and sometimes this makes the students also happy. They usually teach World Geography, World History, US History, and Economics. MR. Schottler is American and his favorite sports is basketball. According to some students, he often visits downtown(Gaeksa) with his friend. MR. Vance is American and his hometown is Chicago. He is very good at basketball, and seems also good at Korean. The students have active communication in the classes, especially in history classes. MR. Snowberger is American and the teacher of technology. He usually teaches Computer I, Computer II, and yearbook. He is good at Korean, Japanese, and some other basic conversational word. Moreover, he knows Chinese character, so his Korean is luxurious. MS. Yu is Chinese and the teacher of Chinese. She is kind and calm. She is also good at Korean. MS. Dermendji is Canadian and the teacher of Art classes. She usually teaches Drawing and Painting, Sculpture, and Design art. She likes cooking and baking. She seems also good at acting. MR. Mark is Canadian and the teacher of Health. He usually teaches Health. He is good at every sports and strong. He says most of the words in a loud(high) voice, so the students can listen his words and pay attention. MS. Bowles is the teacher of ESL classes. She usually teaches ESL Extensive Reading, ESL Speaking/Listening, ESL Science, and ESL Writing. She considers three R’s importantly: respectful, responsible, and resourceful. Every teacher has good relationship with the students. It is very peaceful and democratic.