Introduce about Ancient Civilization B

I have 7 classes every day. They are Introduce of literature (Mr. Fuller), Geometry A (Mr. Joselson), Earth Science (Mr. Lapointe), Drawing Painting (Ms. Dermendji), Technology ( Mr, Snowberger), Ancient Civilization ( Mr. Schottler), and Sculpture ( Ms. Dermendji). My favorite class is Mr. Schottler’s ancient civilization class. Of course, basically, I like history, but it is just one of the reasons. I love that class’s lesson style. At the beginning of the class, we always talk about the day’s World-known(Or just about Korea) issues. In that time, we can know issues. We can also learn how to explain the issue which I have and how to explain my opinion about some issues much easily. Almost all of the teachings continue with study guide and textbook. We also have many group assignment. I think this class’s the best thing is opinions are divided on every single case or thing, so we can discuss everything and I can tell anything(related my opinion) freely. Literally, history is the origin of everything. So far, we learned Paleolithic Era, Neolithic Era, Mesopotamia includes Sumer and Babylonia. When we receive the study guide, we usually have to write a summary based on a textbook by each section. Sometimes, instead of a history lesson, Mr. Schottler gives us a lecture about helpful information such as to write outline, essay,  and what should we choose a website to reference when we research something. Currently, we learn about Babylonia, especially about king Hammurabi. He made Hammurabi’s code which is standard and organized laws. He had very strong power because he was considered he is related to the Gods. Although he made Hammurabi’s Code, he had more achievement. He unites his empire successfully, improved the system of irrigation, organized a well-trained army, and ordered many temples to be repaired. He is considered the best king of Babylonia, and sometimes he is even considered one of the best king in history. I agree with both of those opinions.