Interview with Mr. Schottler

I interviewed the new teacher, Mr. Schottler!

He came to GPA at October instead of Mr. Durey who was a psychology and social study teacher.

  1. Teaching:
    1. What do you teach?
      • I teach Social Studies.
    2. What are your goals for this semester?
      • My goal for the semester is that every student leaves my class with a better understanding of the topic and better English skills than they started the class with.
    3. Any tips for students to increase their GPA
      • Students can increase their GPA by enjoying overwatch/LOL in moderation.
  2. Korea:
    1. How long have you been in Korea?
      • I have been in Korea five years.
    2. What’s your favorite thing about Korea?
      • My favorite thing about Korea is the food.
    3. What other countries have you lived in or traveled to?
      • I have lived in Australia, USA, and Korea.
  3. Personal:
    1. What are your hobbies?
      • I enjoy playing basketball and reading.
    2. What’s your favorite food?
      • My favorite food (Korean) is gamja-tang.
    3. What’s your favorite TV show / movie?
      • My favorite TV show of all time is “The Wire”.