Interview with Mr. Joselson

I had an opportunity to interview a new math teacher, Mr. Joselson.

Since he is new to GPA, it would be a great chance for students to get to know him better!

1. Why did you come to GPA?

I left Korea last July and began teaching in China.  I missed the culture, people and education system in Korea and decided to return so I began interviewing at school and was fortunate to be selected by GPA to work here.


2. What do you teach?

I am a math teacher.  I have been a teacher since the year 2000 although in addition to teaching math, there were two years that I also taught speech, conversation and debate.


3. What have been the most rewarding/difficult parts of being a teacher?

It is always great seeing my students being successful in both school and outside of school.  Many of my students from my first school in Korea and now attending colleges such as Seoul National, Korea University, Yonsei, KAIST, Harvard, Yale, NYU and many other schools.  I often meet with them during their vacations and enjoy hearing about how things are going for them.

At my previous schools, I would attend debate competitions and sporting events to see students enjoying their non-academic hobbies, although sometimes they were just as stressful as academics.

It is often difficult to see students struggling at school sometimes due to trouble outside of school and sometimes at school.  I try and help students when I can.  Sometimes they just need someone to listen to.  Other times they need advice on how to deal with a problem or situation.  I am always happy to help whether it is with math problems or personal problems.  Sometimes, I am unable to be of help, especially when it is a Korean culture specific problem and will suggest who they might be able to get help from, although sometimes it is a matter of speaking with the person or people they are having trouble with.
  4. What are your goals for this semester?

To get accustomed to the system at GPA and learn what my students need from me so I may be a better teacher for them.


5. What is your teaching philosophy?

I believe in teaching not only my subject but helping the students mature as teenagers so they can do well in whatever they want to be successful at.  I strive each day to make sure my students gain a better understanding of what I want them to learn and that I develop a better understanding of how to help them in both math and whatever areas they need help.


6. What is your favorite thing about Korea?


People are so friendly and always willing to help.  Although my Korean skills are very weak, people always try and help me communicate with them.  Korean also place a high value on education and treat teachers very respectfully.


7. What are your hobbies?

I enjoy movies, tv shows, bowling, and following the financial markets.  I enjoy experiencing new cultures and places.  Since I arrived in Korea in 2009, I have been to more countries than the whole rest of my life. I have been to Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Jordan, Hong Kong and even North Korea.