How to take a good nature photo?

I’ve  been interested in nature photos for a long time. The reason why I was interested is the nature was beautiful and seemed nice to me. I think some of people would feel like me. ———————————Back to the point, “How to take a good nature photo?” The answer is not taking photo for one hundred times or think about the angle that you taking. The basic step is “Feeling.” To take good nature photo, you need to have feeling about the nature. It might hard for people who are not interested in nature. Just think the nature is “ART.” You might have some intersection with me now. If you thought nature as an art, then try to feel it. It would look so lovely and precious. Another easy way to look the nature is, think about the summer and winter. Summer is too hot and winter is too cold or in summer there’s a lot of green plants living on the ground and in winter, almost all green plants dead and only branches left which look like skeleton. There is many ways to look at the nature. However, I’m not telling you to choose the way to take a photo from any of these. You need to find your way that you love the nature. You might can disagree or agree with me, but if you follow in my way, I would be so happy, but that creates another picture of mine, so take your time to find your way to love the nature and take a photo! You will see! I promise you! I’m want to show you people about my photos. Understand it as an example please! Ah, also have a theme is also important, but the feeling is more important!!!img187file_000