How to escape Korea


This days the life in Korea become more difficult and difficult, income is not increase but tax and consumes increase, in the research of newspaper said during last 10 years the income increase 5% but the basket price increase more than 20% and also the price of house increase 10% each year. Only people who got money earn money, most of people get more debt. Not just a problem of economy, the Soonsill gate happen for last month and shake the Korea. President park control by cult, which is unbelievable situation happen in Korea. And i think i have to share information to escape the country. This countries are rich and well known countries that has better quality of life and i will introduce the way for immigrant.

  • America- After graduate college stay at least 3 years with job and apply for green card. Or you can invest 500000$ and get green card directly.
  • Australia – ielts 6.0 and more than university degree with working experience. Work in Australia for 2 years and get a green card.
  • New Zealand – the government has special scoreboard for example if you are university graduate student and working experience 5 years you get 120 and the minimum score is 160, if you are above that, you can apply for green card.
  • Canada – get 120 of cic score which require for apply green card (similar as New Zealand). It is different for each person such as education degree, wealth, English score, working experience, and age.
  • Cambodia, Colombia, Peru, etc… –  these countries are very easy to get green card as you has enough money. These countries are officially selling green card for example, if you invest 50000$ which is 1/10 of US, you can get green card. Also I have a friend who got Peru green card by paying some bride to government officer, her family got green card after few weeks. The only problem is these countries are unstable, low level of living. But if you want a really live in there, you can get a green card very easily and also you don’t have to go military service.