Gaecheonjeol, Foundation day of Korea

Gaecheonjeol(개천절, 開天節) is an national holiday of Korea. The date of Gaecheonjeol is October 3rd. In Korean, Gaecheonjeol means ‘opening of heaven’.  At Gaecheonjeol, Koreans commemorate Dangun, who is known as the progenitor of Korean. He founded Gojoseon, the ancient Korea, in October 3rd, B.C. 2333. Gaecheonjeol became the national holiday in 1949 in order to arouse national consciousness and wish eternal prosperity of Korea. Koreans had held Gaecheonjeol rituals for a long time. According to history books, there are some similar rituals. For example, ‘Dongmang’ of Goguryeo, ‘Younggo’ of ‘Buyeo’, etc. (Goguryeo and Buyeo is ancient countries which were located at the Korea Peninsula.) Even these days, Gaecheonjeol rituals are held by the government or other organizations. For that reason, Gaecheonjeol is a reverent and significant day for Koreans.


Gaecheonjeol Song

1. If we are water, then we have its spring;

If we are tree, then we have its root.

Our father is only Dangun,

Our father is only Dangun.

2. Atop of Baekdu mountain,

Heaven is opened along his steps.

This day is October 3rd,

This day is October 3rd.

3. The stem is one although it is old,

The tree will be grow again.

We swear that we will continue our nationality;

We swear that we will grace our nationality.