famous football leagues in the world

My name is Kyubin Kim and I’m in 9th grade. Today,  I’m going to introduce about some famous football leagues in the world. There are quite many football leagues in the world and they have excellent football clubs and football players.

First of all, there is EPL in the England. It is abbreviations for England Premier League. This league is known as one of the most excellent leagues in the world. In fact, many people consider it as most interesting league. EPL clubs always change champions, so usually results are unpredictable and competition is more intense than other leagues. One of the most popular clubs is Manchester United and the most famous player of MU is Wayne Rooney. It is also the football club where the Korean player Park Ji – sung played.

The second famous league is Bundesliga. It is the name of German league. Currently, one team has been taking the champion for several years. It was once considered the best league in the world. However, Nowadays it does not show that much. The best club of Bundesliga clubs is Bayern Munich. It is also still the best club in the world.

The third one is Serie A. It is the name of the first division of Italian league. It has a rough and rugged style. Currently, one team has been taking the champion for several years like Bundesliga’s Bayern Munich. These were once also the strongest in the world, but one day it was down. Many fans of football miss that time. The best club of Serie A is Juventus. It is the only Italian team to play against other league champions.

The fourth famous league is Primera liga. It is the name of Spanish league. It also known as La liga. They are also known as one of the best leagues in the world. It has soft and fantastic style. Each team respects the individuality and style of the players. Two of the best clubs of Primera liga is Real Madrid and Barcelona. They are the most famous rival in the world. They also have a historically bad relationship.

I introduced the world’s four major leagues. Recently, The Chinese league is attracting much attention because they invest a lot of money in football. I hope that the K-league in Korea will come to the attention of the world.