Evolution of ancesters

In our earth, there is a lot of populations and they make their babies to different ways for connect their species. It is a biology’s basic desire and duty. For they achieve their duty, they recreate their DNA for adapt their babies at the environment. When the time change, the environment also endlessly change their condition. That result animals must recreate their DNA, and if animals can not adapt at the environment, the population or the generations will be extinct. Among them, animals what adapted at the environment will connect their DNA. Today’s all of the animals have their own ancestors. The idea of evolution started from one biologist called Charles Darwin. He went to Galápagos Island for get samples for the biology. He saw one kind of birds have different beak and it make him to think about evolution. Also he asserted what monkey is our ancestor. This idea gave a lot of shock to Europeans. It made a lot of conflict between priests and church. When we see the other evidence, we can know what kind of ancestors made what kind of animals. Also we can guess what happen caused when the ancestors lived. This is very important things to biologist and geologists. Human has their own curiosity and have fear from the mysteries. The evolution theory almost solve the origin of the life, but it made new curiosity to human. For example, we could not reveal origin of all of the animal. All of the animals divided from this animal and all of the biologist goal is find the ancestor. Because, if we find the animal we can understand more about us and animal’s ancestors and that time’s environment. Many biologists believe what the ancestor will be found one day, from that time, human will conquer all of the life on the earth.