Cross Country Competition 2016 Fall

I’m Yang Jiwan and I have been in Cross Country team for two years. I was really bad runner when I first came to Activity. I tried my best and I kept beat my record. Anyway, we students went to Daegu to run 5km. We tried our best and I was in 10th place. After the race, I knew how suck our school Cross Country team. The roads in Daegu was fine, but there were full of children, grandfathers and grandmothers. Jiheok fell down two times because of grandfathers, children, and grandmothers. They did not let us pass them. Even they blocked the roads that some students lost their way or fell down. The way I ran was doing tricks to them and run like as Chinese drama fighter. They were shocked and screamed. After the race they were talking about the Cross Country students. Our couch, William Jesse Fuller, is not a real couch, I was the real couch who taught everyone who ran in Cross Country race. Our activity, Cross Country was not bad or not good, just fine. However, some students didn’t give their best. I was upset with those guys and told them to run more than hundred times. Actually, I didn’t ran fast too. Just their cardio was very bad than me that I pushed them to run. Especially, our Cross Country team worked very hard when the competition was ahead.