Children’s day

“어린이” the word that use to say a child in Korea was started to be used in 1920 by Junghwan Bang. He was known as the writer of the juvenile story. He also published the juvenile magazine “어린이” and made a juvenile organization. He was famous to travel to the area to area to tell the stories to the children.

The reason why Junghwan Bang was interested in children is Cheondogyo. Cheondogyo newly defined children and largely affect on children’s right campaign, because of the idea that humans are all at the same level and should be respected. They also thought hitting child is same as hitting their god, so they need to treat children carefully. Junghwan was one of the Cheondogyo followers and he followed its ideas.

Junhwan Bang used to think children are pure and they play outside without any worrying. However, the reality was a lot different than he thought because Korea was too gloomy since the colonization by Japan. The compulsory education also didn’t exist and most of the children go to help their parents’ work.

Even though the reality is too harsh to give children hope the Children’s Day made. Cheondogyo junior member proclaimed 1922 May 1st as the Children’s Day. At 1923 May first Cheondogyo spread 120-thousand declaration under below. Then it became a global event.

The declaration is asking for removing old rule elder first, the pressure of working, so children can play without worrying, and system, which allows children to study. This declaration is almost same as the human right declaration. This show that children right campaign had a clear goal as other right campaigns in colonial time. Defining children and giving them the rights was final goal in this campaign during colonial time.

Children’s Day was proclaimed that it’s on May first in the meaning of sprouting and it changed to every first Sunday in May. However, in each year the size of the event got bigger and Japan didn’t allow this event to happen. They also made students go to school on Sunday to prevent them from going Children’s Day event.

After liberation, our first Children’s Day was on 1927 May 5. Then it was due in every May 5 no matter the what day it is.