Before we get to our topic biology, we first need to know what science is.

What is Science?
Science is explaining natural phenomena and make other prediction by using evidence.

There are some steps, which scientists love to use.

First, scientists ask a question. Then they make their hypothesis, which guesses that made with data already given. To prove this hypothesis scientists build their experiment. Through testing our hypothesis by having an experiment, we can give result when it’s proved correct or go back to hypothesis when it’s wrong. After the result, we end up with the conclusion. However, the results can be interpreted incorrectly by scientific racism and sexism, in other word bias.

We now know what science is and how scientists work, so we now can go through biology.

The biology is simply studies of life.

However, it is hard to define what is life, so scientists made how we characterize life and there are 7 of them.

  1. Made up of cell
  • This is the smallest unit of the cell
  • animals and plants are made of trillions of cells
  • bacteria and fungi can be one cell only

2. Be capable of reproduction

  • all living things must create a second generation(offspring).
  • Sexual-cells from two parents combine
  • Asexual-new organisms have a single parent

3. Based on a genetic code

  • inheritance depends on DNA

4. Grow and develop

  • Growth can be in cell size
  • Growth and development can be changes to shape, structures and functions.

5. Need for material and energy

  • all life is either producing or consuming
  • Producers make its own food(can use sunlight/inorganic compounds
  • consumers feed on other organisms

6. Capable of responding to the environment

  • life has to change behavior based on signals from inside and outside
  • maintaining the internal balance
  • Homeostasis-the internal environment must remain the same

7. Life can evolve

  • as a group, life can evolve
  • characteristics of a population can change over time as it adapts to the new environment.