art class

we learn about art.

   We learn about counter point.The rule of thirds is all about subject placement within the page. It tells us to draw two imaginary horizontal and two imaginary vertical lines on out page and align our main subject with one of the points where these lines cross (also called the thirds position) This means that our main subject is not in the middle of the page. Central placement of object is static. If balance is what you are trying to express, then central placement of your subject may be just the way to go! An off-center composition, however, is much more visually interesting and stronger. This means you can enhance the composition even more by creating a counterpoint. If you place your primary focal point at the third position, you can place a secondary focal point at the diagonally opposite thirds position.And we learn about watercolor painting. This is watercolor paints, known traditionally as aquarelle in France, are a painting medium in which pigment is suspended in gum Arabic and then applied to paper in combination with water.   Watercolor is a transparent painting medium, where the white of the paper furnishes the lights and no white pigment is used in the process

Materials- paint is composed of three ingredients: Pigment(very fine powder) Binder (‘glue’ that holds the pigment together) Solvent(thins or thickens the paint)

  And we learn about brushes -watercolor brushes have soft bristles made from animal hairs or from synthetic fibers. -Flat brushes work best for large areas of color (such as the sky in a landscape), while pointed brushes work well for painting details.

We learn cool colors, and warm colors : like green, blue, purple… are cool colors. And red, yellow are warm colors.

We learn lots of things in art class. And I hope someday you will have this art class.