Teacher Responsibilities


Please see contract for specific information. Teachers who do not teach a period 5 class have the same obligation to return to school before the start of the period like any teacher responsible for teaching a class. If teachers are unable to come to school because of an illness or any other emergency, please contact the principal or chief administrator by phone AND email no later than 6:30 AM so that class coverage can be arranged.

Classroom Environment

It is essential to foster an environment that is conducive to learning. In addition to establishing a classroom discipline plan and instructing well-planned lessons, teachers need to maintain a neat and tidy classroom. Classrooms should be an enjoyable place for both students and teachers.


School spirit is very important to any school. Teachers are encouraged to help organize activities, coach sports, advise clubs, and attend school events. Teacher involvement in extracurricular activities is very important to building a school community.

Field Trips

During field trips, our students represent GPA and are expected to display their best behavior.  Remind students that all school rules will be enforced by the teacher. For outsiders to have a positive image of our school, we, as a school, must be well mannered when attending activities and functions out in the greater community. Prior to field trips, discuss the importance of proper behavior with your students.

Students in grades 7-8 must be supervised at all times during field trips. When at a festival, museum, performance, or any other activity outside of school, teachers are required to be with their students during all activities and functions.  Students should not be roaming around without supervision.

Students in grades 9-12 may be granted more freedom at such outings. Two teachers will be assigned to grades 9-10 and two teachers to grades 11-12. Teachers are responsible for their assigned students. During certain activities, teachers are required to be present to supervise their students. However, there may be situations in which students can freely walk around and visit displays, exhibits, or other presentations. In this case, teachers must arrange designated meeting times and areas to keep track of students.

During overnight outings, teachers’ assigned students are their primary responsibility throughout the evening. Teachers are responsible for making sure their students follow the set curfew and behave appropriately.


Strive to meet the curriculum objectives in each content area is a critical component to improve our school. As educators, we owe it to ourselves and our students to best meet these objectives and assure that each one is addressed throughout the school year. This goal can be successfully attained through careful planning. Lesson plans are uploaded in bi-weekly by 8:30 AM on Monday prior to implementation in the Google Drive.

Posting and Removal of Signs or Advertisements

Teachers may post signs and written materials subject to reasonable rules and regulations established by the administration and listed below. By accepting the right to post signs and written materials the teacher accepts full responsibility for the content of all material and accepts the rules and regulations established by the administration. Teachers are responsible to remove all signs within 72 hours of completion of an activity.

Record Keeping

Educators are not only teachers but also record keepers. Teachers at GPA are expected to keep up-to-date records of attendance, grades, and lesson plans. These records should be available upon request. All student records are turned in at the end of the school term and serve as official records.

Role Model

Teachers must constantly be aware that they are role models for their students. Teachers must carry themselves in a manner that would make any parent want to send their child to GPA.  Take pride in your jobs, and work to gain the respect of the students, parents, and teaching staff.

Staff Development

Continuing to learn and study the field of pedagogy is very important to the development of a teacher. Teachers are involved in staff developments to reflect on their teaching and further improve methodologies and techniques. In addition to a small professional library that is available in the principal’s office, all teachers new to the profession are required to take part in a mentoring program.


As student safety is a priority, students must be monitored at all times. Teachers are required to monitor student behavior at all times before, during, and after school (until all students have left school grounds). Students are prohibited from entering any classroom without a teacher present at any time. In addition, teachers are required to monitor students during assemblies, field trips, and other school functions.

Teacher Dress Code

Teachers are required to dress professionally, unless special circumstances arise or directed by administration. At those times, teachers should dress in respectful attire. While jewelry is permissible, visible body piercing(s) (eye, nose, tongue, lip, etc), tattoo(s), or other forms of body art are prohibited during any school or professional event. Religious observances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Team Work

Our teaching staff works together as a team to address challenges that arise throughout the school year. It is important to continue to reflect on school policies, programs, and procedures in search of ways to improve the quality of education GPA provides. Teachers are expected to attend staff meetings and staff developments to discuss and implement school improvement plans.