Seeking Help

Seeking Help

The GPA community wishes to encourage students to seek advice its faculty. We would like to foster an atmosphere of trust on our campus and views student-faculty conversations as vital to that effort. Students should seek guidance from adults whose judgment they trust and respect.

GPA believes that students and faculty should be guided by their obligation to and respect for other members of the community in seeking the best possible help for themselves and others. Students and faculty should inform themselves fully about this policy and should make certain they understand the alternatives contained in it. Students should be aware that the law requires notification of local authorities in specific cases including child abuse and neglect, hazing, and any violation of Korean law, even when the school offers a non-disciplinary response as described below. Students may be subject to law enforcement investigation and response.

Seeking Help in Non-Disciplinary Situations

In a non-disciplinary situation (one in which school rules are not currently being broken and no disciplinary investigation is underway), a student may request non-disciplinary assistance (NDA) so that they may freely seek guidance from a faculty member in order to resolve a student problem. A student may disclose past violation of a school rule, including use of alcohol or other drugs, during such a discussion. No academic disciplinary consequences will result from that conversation. Faculty will honor the anonymity of the student and not share any matter brought to them during such a conversation unless they need to seek additional guidance in order to help the student. The seeking of such guidance will occur only after consultation with the student. Parents should not be notified of information gained through such a conversation without student consent, unless there is danger of physical or emotional harm to any person. Such notification of parents will occur only after consultation with the student or students concerned. The law requires notification of local authorities in specific cases including child abuse or neglect.

In order to help a particular student obtain guidance in a non-disciplinary situation, a faculty member may initiate a conversation about a concern with a student and offer non-disciplinary assistance (NDA). A student thus approached is under no obligation to offer information to the faculty member. This policy is not intended to limit the relationship between proctors and faculty in a dormitory.