Procedures for Disciplinary Situations

Restorative justice is a non-punitive, positive disciplinary method intended to provide students, teachers, parents, and school administrators with a progressively fair process to amend judgment mistakes and errors commonly perpetrated by children and adolescents. With active participation and dialogue as cornerstones of this method, an offender can be held accountable for his or her actions while simultaneously restoring the damaged relationships. In addition, the method reduces administrative paperwork and time pressures to deal with student misbehaviors. Moreover, restorative justice builds a trustful relationship for the simple fact that an individual student’s voice can be heard fairly and equally among others and in this respect help maintain their self-worth and dignity as a human being.

The school’s interest in the conduct of students away from campus is the same as it is in their conduct on campus. The school may hold students accountable for their off-campus and online conduct in appropriate ways, including a disciplinary response.