Administration Responsibilities

Action Plans

Develop and implement action plans, which contain programs, activities, and events that are consistent with the school’s mission and goals to provide constant school improvement.


Oversee the placement and entrance of new students, and set and abide by standard academic admissions requirements to assure high standards.


Continue to develop, evaluate, and update the textbooks, resources, curriculum, standards, and policies with the aim to provide constant school improvement.


Develop, implement, and oversee a school-wide discipline plan, which enables students to become self-disciplined and successful students.

Evaluation and Assessment

Evaluate and assess teacher performance and the overall performance of the school through standard assessment tools and track the overall achievement and progress of the student body.

Event Organization

Organize or assist in organizing school events (field trip, Fine Arts Festival, KORCOS) with teacher input.

Extracurricular Activities

Help organize a schedule of all of the extra-curricular activities offered at GPA and their respective coordinators.

New Teacher Orientation Program

Put together a folder of useful information for new teachers who are living in Korea for the first time or have just moved to Jeonju. Include basic living information such as shopping, paying bills, transportation, restaurants, phone, etc. (Any information that would make new teachers’ lives easier as they adjust to a new environment).

Placement and PSAT Testing

Oversee placement testing for students seeking to be enrolled in GPA, and for students exiting the ESL program. Oversee PSAT test including practice test and preparation program. Communicate testing purpose, requirements, and expectations to teachers about all tests.  Keep accurate records of test materials to assure no tests are lost or stolen.

Professional Development

Provide meaningful professional development opportunities such as KORCOS for teachers to continue to develop teaching skills and awareness of educational issues. Continue to stay aware and knowledgeable about current educational issues and practices through educational journals, newsletters, seminars, and graduate classes.

Role Model

Administrators must be aware that they are role models for their students. Administrators must carry themselves in a manner that would make parents happy to send their child to GPA. Take pride in the work, and work to gain the respect of the students, parents, and teaching staff.

School Community Liaison

Keep good relations with the school community and regularly inform the school community about the programs, activities, events, and progress of the school.

SKAC (Southern Korean Athletic Conference)

Work with the principals and athletic directors to ensure that GPA teachers and students can participate in conference events.

Teacher Responsibilities

Assign duties and responsibilities to teachers, including teaching load, expectations, general duties, and extra-curricular duties.

University Counseling and Admissions

Develop and implement programs, activities, and events which are geared to assist and assure the entrance of students into reputable universities throughout the world. Develop and implement a program that assists high school students in PSAT/SAT/ACT preparation, selecting universities, and completing university applications, including setting TOEFL deadlines. This program should be systematic and include a timeline of tasks in which students are guided through.  This program should be implemented outside of class.