Administrative Offices

Jeonju University’s Role

Jeonju University owns and operates Global Prodigy Academy and reserves the right to void any decisions they feel does not reflect the University’s policy on education or human rights.  They are the financial supporters of the school and shall be involved in all major financial decisions through the Chief Administrator.

The Secretary General

The Secretary General is an honorary position appointed by Jeonju University given to a long-standing member of the Jeonju University community who has exemplified service and integrity.  Whenever necessary the Secretary General may be involved in the day-to-day non-academic operations of the school.

The Chief Administrator

The Chief Administrator is a liaison between Jeonju University Officials and is responsible for all financial matters of the school, including employee contracts, benefits and housing.  In addition, since many parents are not English language speakers, the Chief Administrator is responsible for communication with parents and must be including in all disciplinary actions.

The Principal

The Principal has responsibility for the well-being of the student body. It is the place where students may ask questions about any aspect of school life, seek advice about procedural matters and personal or academic concerns, as well as receive individual attention.  The principal meets frequently with students and parents, teaches occasionally, and upon request, advises student organizations. The principal presides at faculty meetings and works closely with the Chief Administrator.  In consultation with the Chief Administrator, he/she sets the priorities for use of school resources, appoints all members of the faculty and makes final decisions with regard to continuing appointment.

The Guidance Counselor

The Teachers

GPA teachers wear many hats:  friend, counselor, judge, mentor–hundreds of roles and different roles for different classes, students, and extra-curricular duties. They go far beyond the traditional role of dispensing knowledge and really become the secondary caregiver (after their parents). They are qualified to teach in each of their content areas and are held to the highest standards by students, parents, the principal, chief administrator, and university officials.