All of us at Global Prodigy Academy (GPA) welcome you to the current school term.  We want to work closely with students and parents to ensure that everybody has a successful term, both academically and socially.

This handbook serves as a guide and sets a standard for what is expected of you as a member of the GPA community, with information you will need about school rules and policies. Please take the time to read this carefully. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Our dorm proctors, faculty advisors, teachers, principal, and the Administration’s Office are all here to help you.

The rules and policies contained in this handbook are set by Jeonju University officials, teachers, and administration, and may be revised without notice during the school year.

Additional information on all aspects of student academic and residential life can be found on the web at www.gpa.ac.kr.

School Regulations

GPA assumes that its students enter the school with a serious purpose and that conscience and good sense is a sufficient guide to behavior. GPA expects honesty from its students, and professionalism from its faculty.

The faculty intends to develop among students a sense of responsibility for personal conduct and for the well-being of the larger community. To that end, GPA encourages freedom, within reasonable limitations, and enforces rules defining them, which are necessary to maintain relative freedom for all.

The GPA faculty is expected to act in a professional manner and maintain high educational standards within the classroom and throughout the school.