Dining Hall










Dining Facilities
Students eat breakfast and dinner at the Dorm Dining Facilities located on the 2nd Dorm
of Jeonju University. Lunch is served at the Student Center dinning facilities on the
Campus of Jeonju University.
Breakfast: Monday Through Saturday (except holidays), 7:30AM~8:30AM
Lunch: Monday Through Saturday (except holidays), 12:05PM~1:05PM
Dinner: Monday Through Saturday (except holidays), 5:30PM~6:30PM
Steps to Smooth Dining: Cooperation and courtesy go a long way to help make dining at
GPA enjoyable for all. With this in mind Dining Services expects each student to behave
in a matter that promotes pleasant dining and supports the school’s fundamental
principles and regulations. We host many guests from outside the school and want our
dining halls to showcase our students and to provide a pleasant atmosphere.
A few guidelines: Guests are expected to leave their dining area cleaner than when they
arrived. Students are not required to be in school dress code while in the dining halls but
are expected to be clean and neat. Bare feet are never allowed. Safety is an issue when
backpacks are on the floor so please take care to store them properly. Please use a tray for
each meal or snack. Food may not be taken from the dining halls. Do not take trays,
china, glasses, silverware or other items from the dining halls.