In Music Class

In Music class, I am playing the flute for a song called, Viva La Vida. This semester is my third time playing the flute, so I have small experience. However, after I got used to the fingerings and making sounds, I was able to play it comfortably.

Flute is a wind instrument and uses all 10 fingers. The mouth hole is at the top of the instrument and by putting the mouth hole near the lip, the instrument is staying at the right side of the body. The left hand goes under the instrument and lays in front and nearest to the body and the right hand goes farther to the end of the instrument. My first problem with playing flute was that I could not make a sound. Older student who played flute for a long time, taught me how to make a sound easily. The method she taught me was matching the edge of the mouth hole with both upper and lower lips and twisting the instrument to only match the lower lip with the mouth hole. That way, it was more comfortable, easier and fastest way to make a sound.

The first song we are playing in Concert Orchestra Class is Viva La Vida. The artist who played the song is Cold play and the song was released in 2008. The song played by flute needs four flats. Db, Eb, Ab and Bb. The song starts with violins and other low instruments and I start after the clarinet players finish. Some of my parts were very difficult and fast so I practice by playing repeatedly until I got it right. However, parts that I could not play even if I practiced, I decided to delete those parts so that I don’t distract others. Also the parts where it needed high sound, it was difficult to play high notes with flutes so I lowered the notes. After about 3 weeks of playing Viva La Vida I was able to play the whole piece with other instruments.