Review of Sunsil game

I want to review for the Sunsil game. There are 3 games. Sunsil run, Welcome sunsil, shooting sunsil. First shooting sunsil is just different form of Galaga. It is basically kill money with word 말. I think it is teasing about what Sunsil did. Second is, Sunsil run. It was so hard to play it because it doesn’t have any instruction for beginners. In my word it was no jam. Last game is Welcom Sunsil.  It is very similar as Flappy bird. I could think so many things through this game.Actually this game has cheating. If you cheat, you can get to every score. However, it no body tells that you can cheat, you will do it normally. Sunsil Choi cheated in many ways. She even made her daughter to cheating. Somebody can think” Oh it has error, it is so stupid haha”, but it is actually teasing the Sunsil’s bad deeds. Especially for cheating, she must punished by proper laws. Her daughter too. In the game Welcome Sunsil, it is made for teasing about daughter’s cheating. Whatever, Sunsil game was not fun at all, but we can think about their bad deeds and all. I would say for fun it is the worst, but for teasing, it is the best game ever in my life.