Review of Doctor Strange

Today, I am going to review Doctor Strange. It is probably the movie that people waited since the beginning of the spring semester. Now, it is released. I was honestly worried about the movie because of the director named Scott Derrickson. Look at his filmography, then you know what I am talking about.


However, Marvel had an awesome choice for directors. Even for like Ant-Man, the movie that had sudden change of director, was pretty good movie. Well, I loved it. I liked it better than Captain America Civil War. As soon as the first battle scene came out, I was stunned and thought that this is so awesome! Let’s first talk about the special effect. Some people say the special effect is like Inception and some people say it looks like The Matrix. For me, it was like combination of The Matrix and Inception. I already knew that special effect is awesome because even trailer showed that. However, movie brought more than what the trailer had. Next, let’s talk about actors.


Let’s start with Benedict Cumberbatch first. To talk about some behind story of the movie, Marvel had already thought of two actors to play Doctor Strange. Those are Joaquin Phoenix (if you do not know him, google him) and Benedict Cumberbatch. Fans preferred Joaquin Phoenix more because he looked just like Doctor Strange, not Cumberbatch. However, Phoenix refused to take it, so they just give their last chance to Cumberbatch and here we are, him in the movie. Before I saw this movie, I always have a thought that Benedict Cumberbatch=Sherlock Holmes, which means he did not really have any better role than Sherlock, even The Imitation Game made me thought that Benedict=Sherlock. However, he made another character that represents him and this movie is the one. I can see that he put a lot of effort into become like Doctor Strange.


I also like the other actors like Tilda Swinton, starred as The Ancient One. I known her in the movie called Snowpiercer (설국열차) as Mason. She made an excellent performance through her make-ups and feel like that character. This movie, she had excellent performance too, as great and mysterious master of the sorcerers, including the great action scenes from her.


If you had seen the movie, you might agree with me as one of the great supporting character. Wong, character played by Benedict Wong. I just knew him that he was the Asian scientist in The Martian. He is really funny and very nice acting.


Oh, I almost forgot him. Chiwetel Ejiofor, by far when I am writing this, we got two The Martian actors in there. His character has some cool actions going on with some chemistry with Benny.


Finally, I think I really liked him the best of all. Mads Mikkelsen. I know him as the villain in Casino Royale, whose name was Le Chiffre in that movie. He showed great acting in there and also in here. With different way of characterization. With his creepy make-ups, he showed his another great role in his movie career with Le Chiffre and Hannibal. By reviewing it so far, I loved this movie so much. So, it was 10/10 for me.What do you think? Leave the comments below.