Returning Teacher Questions: Ms. Turner

I have had the opportunity to interview a returning teacher of GPA, Ms. Turner. I was in her Earth Science class and to ask her questions about GPA with the perspective of a teacher who has been here for a while, was an enjoyment. Without further ado, here was our interview session.

  • How long have you worked at GPA including this semester?
This is my fourth semester at GPA, so I have been here almost two years.
What is/was the best part of working at GPA?

The #1 best part of working at GPA is the students. The students at GPA are interesting and genuinely sweet people. They work hard, they are ambitious, and they are so much fun to teach.

  • What is your teaching experience while in GPA?

GPA has been a wonderful experience for me. In my usual classes, I get to speak with each student individually to offer them help with what we’re learning. This means that in class we can explore the subject more deeply and I can find different ways to connect what we’re learning with the students’ lives. I am really passionate about science, so this makes my job exciting and I feel very lucky because of that!

  • How long have you been in Korea?

I have been in Korea for almost two years. I moved to Jeonju at the beginning of 2015.

  • Why did you come to Korea?

I have always wanted to challenge myself by working overseas and experiencing different cultures. In the future, our society will become more and more global and living and working abroad will be very valuable experience. So, I think everyone who has an opportunity to go overseas should try it!

  • What is/was your favorite part of Korean/Pop culture?

FOOD. Also, I am interested in Korean history and Korean hip hop ๐Ÿ™‚

  • For your duration here, what is your favorite place in Korea?

So hard to choose, but I have been to Busan more often than any other place, so I think Busan is my favorite. However, I am still looking forward to visiting many other places, especially Jeju.