Our class Robotics

I’m a one of student in Robotics. We tried to make a robot from last week till yesterday. Even if we made a robot, it did not work which could not play with it. Students were going to have the competition with the robot. It makes me remember one of competition in Robotics. We tried to build a paper tower. Me and Seongwoo Hong tried to building a paper tower in complicated way, but it failed. People who won that competition was tried to build a paper tower in simple way. Now, we, robotic class trying to make a 3D animation with using a program. I’m not so excited with that. Maybe Mr. Snowberger gives us for test for making it. Students include me watched about 10 videos for preparing for making 3D animation. It was so boring I was almost fell in sleep. Robotic class is fun class, though.

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