Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, book vs movie

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


The movie ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ was very popular in theaters. I have both seen the book and the movie, so  while I was watching the movie, I recognized some differences. In this news letter, I will introduce some of the differences that I have found.



In the movie, Emma is a girl that has an ability to levitate. However, in the book, Emma’s ability is making fire with her hands.


The ability to make fire is what Olive has in the movie. In the book, Olive’s is levitating. This means that the two character’s ability has been changed. It also feels like the movie changed Emma’s characteristic into a calm and brighter girl. In the book, Emma felt like a character that is sensitive and gets annoyed easily.

Although the a huge part of the character changed, Emma is still Jacob’s (main character) girl friend in the book.




In the movie, we don’t get to know what kind of ability Vincent used to have. The only thing they show us about him is his room and his dead body. In the book, they reveal a little more about Vincent than the movie. Vincent’s ability is super strength in it, but in the movie, the super strength ability was owned by another little girl.

This is a big change but I like this because the girl shows some awesome scenes in the movie.


3. villains


In the movie, the villains are huge monsters that look like a copy of slender man. Long tentacles come out from their mouth and they eat eyeballs to survive. In the book, the villains are very different. They don’t look like slender men and they don’t feed on eyeballs. In the book, the villains look like ordinary people. The only similarity is that their eyes are totally white.

In the movie, the monsters cannot be seen by people. However, in the book, the monsters can be seen by anyone, but unless you have special powers to tell, you don’t know if the guy is a monster or not. In the movie, Jacob has an ability to see monsters that other’s can’t. In the book, Jacob has the ability to tell if a person is a monster or not. The monsters look normal to people who don’t have this ability, but if you have Jacob’s ability, the monsters’ eyes look white and you can see the tentacles from their mouths.


There are a lot of changes in the plot and other parts, but I will not mention any of them to prevent spoilers. To both people who enjoyed the movie and people who did not, I want to recommend the book. Many parts from the movie was changed, so I think it would feel new to the people who haven’t read this book. The villains in the book are also much smarter than the villains in the movie, which makes the book much intense, scary and fun. The parts in the book when the main characters investigate using their abilities (which I think the director of the movie didn’t include because he might have thought it would be boring) are also very fascinating. Even though I enjoyed the movie, I personally think that the book was better.