How to do coin magic

I want to introduce the way to do coin magic. There are many ways to do coin magic. First there is skill named palm and it has many different palms. Classic palm, thumb palm, French drop, etc. The first; basic step of coin magic is French drop. It is basically pretend to take coin from one hand to the other hand. The way to do is simple.

  1. Grab coin with two fingers(index finger, and thumb finger)
  2. Pretend to take a coin from those fingers.
  3. Before you move your hand for pretending, you drop the coin to your palm.
    It is the way to do French drop.
    Then how to do ‘classic palm’? Classic palm is basically pretend to drop a coin from one palm to the another palm.
    1. Put a coin on palm.
    2. Lean one hand that has a coin. *Right that time you have to grab that coin with your palm*
    3.Pretend to drop the coin
    It is the way to do classic palm. Those two tricks are very simple and easy. If you have done with any kinds of coin tricks, you will do great job. However, if you haven’t done with any trick, you better practice a lot. Other otherwise people will notice that trick very easily.