Google Halloween Game Review


  Last October 31th, Google released a special game for Halloween. The story goes that Momo the black cat, attending at Magic cat School, saves the school against mischievous ghosts and the peace comes again in the school. This game is really simple, but really fun. Dragging the mouse is the only work.




    1) Magic Spells

  In game, Ghosts approach to Momo, located at center. If you cast a correct magic spell before ghosts reach her, you can kill ghost(s) and get some scores. In addition, if you kill more than two ghosts at the same time, you can get more scores.

There are five kind of magic spells: dragging horizontally, dragging vertically, dragging up-cusp, dragging down-cusp, and casting a thunderbolt. From among these, ‘casting a thunderbolt’ is important since this spell can attack every enemy on the stage.


    2) Stages / Ending

  This game has five stages. At the end of each stages, a head ghost appear. Especially, head ghosts are stronger than the normal ones so that it is a little difficult to kill them.

If you kill a head ghost of the last stage, Momo receives cheer from her friends and the game ends.