Field Trip

Red, yellow, pink, blue, green, and other colorful Hanboks are lining up by Global Prodigy Academy students who went to Hanok Village for field trip in October 27th. Since, some students signed up to borrow Hanboks in ‘Cho-rong Hanbok,’ we went to the shop as soon as we arrived to Hanok Village. In there, we were able to chose our favorite Hanok and decorate hair to fit chosen Hanbok. Everyone was happy to wear our country’s traditional costume in the most traditional village in Jeonju. Groups of people went outside to hang out, take pictures, and make memorable moments with their friends. Unfortunately, we needed to give back our Hanbok o the shop at 11 o’clock, so we can go to eat lunch and move to Gunsan. The reason we went to Gunsan was to watch ‘Ari,’ which was a wonderful play without any lines to explain the situations and scenes, but with beautiful dance and intriguing songs. During the play, Ms. Dermendji was chosen to go up to the stage by an actor who invited her to play bell type instrument with other actors. It seems like many people, both teachers and students enjoyed the play. When the play ended, three students: Ji Woo, Jiwan, and Hyunjin were able to ask questions to main actresses: Ari, Ari’s husband, and a main antagonist. It was memorable experience to listen what professionals say and hope for us to dream what we want to do. Put up with inconvenience, students and teachers rode the bus to come back to our home. It was about 5 o’clock when we came back to GPA.