Welcoming Message – Principal Mr. Heldenbrand (2013)

thumb_1brianWelcome to Global Prodigy Academy (GPA)! We are glad you have taken the time to learn more about us. GPA is a college preparatory high school, entering our sixth year, who is greatly interested in producing lasting fruit within the lives of our students.

I grew up being taught the expression bigger is better; however, as I have grown up, I have come to realize that bigger is not always better. It is true that a small individual is certainly capable of packing a large punch. I would certainly equate GPA as an international high school that has begun to flex its educational muscles and is truly ready to wield a hefty punch toward the world.

Global Prodigy Academy is a small, private college preparatory school on the campus of Jeonju University aimed at directing students towards growth and excellence in a western educational environment which serves in preparing them to become future global leaders. We at GPA are confident and eager that we will become the solution to your educational concerns.

With a teaching faculty of thirteen certified and highly committed educators, GPA is striving to offer a top-notch curriculum and provide excellence in secondary education for its students. Our 6:1 student-teacher ration is remarkable for strengthening classroom learning and developing ideal teacher-student relationships. As students are being prepared to become well-rounded learners, students need to be a part of a program that challenges them both physically and mentally. GPA offers both learning in the classroom from its dedicated teaching staff and also provides practical hands-on learning in subject content and specialized activities. There will never be a dull moment while on the road of learning at GPA.

As we all know, fear about the future truly does disturb many people and doesn’t offer worthwhile results; however, I believe that trusting GPA with your educational future will certainly prepare you to embark on the road to experience lasting memories. Remember, great things DO come in small packages. Global Prodigy Academy is one of them! Please check us out as a solution to your educational future. Stop by for a visit!! You’ll be glad you did!

Global Prodigy Academy
Brian Heldenbrand