Novelty Cafes: 2017


Nowadays, many people spending their time for indoor places, such as movie theater, library, mall, gym, or cafe. I also like to go indoor activities, because the weather does not matter for them. Therefore, as I spend every vacation in Seoul and experienced various cafes, I want to introduce about the novelty cafes in Seoul.


The first novelty cafe that I want to introduce is flower cafe. There are many flowers for interior design which makes you feel like in the flower garden. Also, the beautiful flower will decorate your drink when you order it. Not only that, you can relax and take a picture with your friends because the flower corolla is always ready for everyone. To recommend some flower cafes that I like, I will say ‘ARRIATE’, ‘Awesome Molta’, ‘FLORTE’, ‘JEFFERY’, or ‘Choline’.


The second novelty cafe that I want to introduce is game cafe. As flower cafe is just for relaxing and photo studio for people, the game cafe is for fun. Most of the people go to PC room for the E-Sports. However, usually this game cafe is ready for different kinds of game, such as Lego, board game, Retro game, or puzzle. The good thing about the game cafe is that this place is for every generation. They have some Retro game for the people who miss this kind of old game. Also, we could enjoy and have fun without the computer or the smart phone like we used to do when we was young. Not only that, everyone could enjoy different kinds of game for free, after order a drink. Moreover, the cafe called ‘Friend’s House’ has interesting card games, board games and some Retro games, such as ‘monopoly’, ‘ballygally’, or ‘life game’. This cafe serve the free popcorn for everyone with no limitation. Also, it only cost 6000 won for unlimited drink, pop-corn, snacks, food, and game in 90 minutes. Not only that, the interior decorated very friendly like attic bedroom which gives you feel more comfortable. To recommend some game cafe that I like, I will say ‘Friend’s House’, ‘Trader’, ‘Get and Show’, or ‘My secret mate’.


The third novelty cafe that I like to introduce is Hanok cafe. Many foreigners visit Hanok cafe for experiencing nice traditional interior, Hanok, and beautiful traditional clothes, Hanbok. Also, they can learn and try Korean tea manner as it is a cafe. However, Hanok cafe is popular for Korean people, too. They have many Korean dessert that we cannot easily get in modern days, such as traditional tea for the health and porridge. Furthermore, many Hanok cafe prepare Hanbok everyone to make a wide public announcement of our traditional clothes. So that, many people can get dress Hanbok and experiencing Korean traditional culture. Hanok cafe is the nice place to experience and notify Korean culture and food. I would like to recommend some menu from Hanok cafe, such as ‘patbingsu’, ‘pumpkin porridge’, ‘omija tea’, ‘job’s tears tea’, or ‘rice cake’.


There are many different unique cafe in Korea. I would like to introduce more novelty cafe in Seoul, such as animal cafe, nap cafe, wedding cafe which I could not introduce above. Therefore, I hope my article will help for everyone’s leisure in Seoul!