Interview with Mr. Steaves

1.Why did you come to GPA?

Well the university didn’t want to hire me because i’m older than 65 years old. But i want a work more, and i find this school.

2. What did you teach?

I teach Physics, geometry, algebra.

3. What are your goals for this semester?

I just want a student’s success in this semester and pass the class.

4. What is your teaching experience?

I teached in university for 11 and half years in china and korea.

5. Any tips for student to increase GPA and for their academic goal?

Keep asking questions and i can give you guideline that if you are interested in science major.

6. What’s your favorite things in about Korea?

My family lives in Korea and I love them so much and that is the best thing in Korea.

7. What are your hobbies?

My hobby is making beer. I like to make them in house and also drink them.

8. What’s your favorite place?

China is my favorite place, i lived there for a long time.

9. Do you speak Korean or another language?

No i can’t speak Korean but i’m pretty good at Chinese.