Interview: Mr. Lapointe

He was working in KAIST last year to teach ESL students but he is not anymore! Mr.  Lapointe is his name and he teach science(Chemistry A, etc) in GPA from August, 2016. It is not hard to know that he is a interesting man to interview since KAIST is one of the most well known university in Korea while nobody knows the secret why he came to GPA. With huge welcome,  here are ten questions and answers from interview with Mr. Lapointe to get rid of many students’ curiosity.

  1. Q:Why did you come to GPA?

A: I came to GPA for several reasons. Firstly, my partner Ms. Turner was working at GPA and my stepson, Michael was attending the same school. I decided to apply to GPA to be closer to them. Secondly, GPA offered me a position as a Biology teacher, which is my background. I absolutely love the sciences. Thirdly, when I first moved to Korea, I had a job working at a public high school in Jeonju. I have many great friends in Jeonju, so it was an easy decision to come back.

  1. Q: What do you teach?

A: I currently teach Biology and Earth Science.

  1. Q: What are your goals for this semester?

A: This semester, I’d love to teach my science courses through inquiry. What I mean is, I want to present my students with case studies and encourage them to apply the material to figure out problems. I also want to create personal relationships with the students at GPA as that’s one of the benefits of being a teacher. It’s so great being part of a school where students can easily communicate and share their ideas. So far, it’s been fun.

  1. Q: What is your teaching experience?

A:  I’ve taught science in high schools and university back in my hometown, Montreal. In Korea, I taught EFL at a public high school in Jeonju. After that experience, I began teaching in the EFL department at KAIST. Mostly, I taught academic and scientific writing to undergraduates and graduate students. That was a very rewarding experience.

  1. Q: Why did you come to Korea?

A: I came to Korea mostly because I was interested in embracing a new culture. I’d always dreamed of moving across the world and living somewhere else, and Korea has been a great experience so far. It’s also important to put myself in uncomfortable situations, adapting to new situations. That’s where I learn more about myself.

  1. Q: What’s your favorite thing about Korea?

A: My favorite thing in Korea is obviously the food. I’m a bit of a glutton. I like eating. I also enjoy how hospitable and friendly everyone has been. Traveling around Korea has also been a lot of fun. There are so many things to see!

  1. Q: What are your hobbies?

A: As for my hobbies, I brew beer. Korea has a strong drinking culture and a burgeoning craft brew scene. It’s been really fun being here as new companies and breweries open. I’ve met so many wonderful brewers and beer aficionados. Secondly, I enjoy doing jiu jitsu, which a martial arts focusing mostly on grappling and submissions. It helps relieve stress and keeps me in shape. I also enjoy biking, strength training, reading, and traveling. There are many beautiful sights to see around this part of the world!

  1. Q: What is your favorite music?

A: Currently, I love listening to electronic remixes. I really enjoy listening to internet radio stations, like Digitally Imported, that play those types of songs. Something with a beat. That, or I’ll listen to something that gets my blood pumping, like punk rock or indie folk.

  1. Q: What’s your favorite food?

A: My favorite food would probably be filet mignon, cooked rare. I really love steak.

  1. Q: Are you married?

A: I am not married.