Interview with Mr.Dean

  • Why did you come to GPA? I visited Jeonju last winter. My wife and I were looking for a place to live that suited our lifestyle. I was very impressed with Jeonju, so I put it near the top of my list. Jeonju just felt like a place where I could be happy. I considered a lot of jobs before deciding to work at GPA. I thought that I wanted to work at a university, but the only University where I would be able to teach Literature in Korea was in Seoul, and we decided that we did not want to live in Seoul. I had a feeling that GPA might be a very supportive place to work, so I went head and decided to come work here.

  • Any tips for students to increase their GPA? Communication is very important in any school or work environment. I recommend communicating with your teachers as much as possible. When you are having problems, discuss it with them immediately. The same is true for your  courses at University.
  • Why did you come to Korea? My wife is Korean and we wanted to be near her family. We have lived in China for a long time. Also, Korea is a place where I have always been able to write well. Many of my favorite poems from my first book were written partially while we were traveling in Korea. I like the fact that you are always near mountains in Korea. I am a big fan of mountains.
  • Do you speak Korean? Or another language? I am going to begin studying Korean. I speak Chinese (mandarin)
  • What are your hobbies? My hobbies change frequently I like to have new experiences. . Writing takes up a lot of the time that I am not working. I love walking in the woods. Anything related to the outdoors. I built a house when I was in my mid 20’s, so I like making things with my hands.
  • What’s your favorite place? That’s a difficult one. I have many favorite places. A few temples in Korea that I particularly love. My Family’s home in the US. The house that I built in New Mexico and the landscape around it. Kyoto. I spent one night in the bus terminal in Gwangju writing. I like to keep moving, but slowly. Watching. Places are also special because of the people I spent time there with.
  • What other countries have you lived in or traveled to? I’ve lived in Hong Kong and China. I’ve traveled quite a bit. I love Paris in the Summer. I was in Sweden this summer, and really loved Stockholm, it is a beautiful city that I highly recommend. Vietnam and Thailand are truly wonderful. I love Kyoto in Japan, Also a smaller city called Shizuoka.
  • Are you married? 😉 Yes. My wife Ji Young is Korean. We are expecting a baby in late February.