Interview with Dr. Spidell

Dr. Spidell is a new math teacher of GPA. Maybe most of you guys don’t know much about her, so I want you guys to read this article and know about her or feel familiar to her.

Q) What do you teach?

A) I teach math classes, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-calculus, AP Calculus and ESL math.

Q) What are your goals for this semester?

A) My goals for this semester are to help students to reach their academic goals (getting a good grade in math classes), to show them how mathematics is used to solve real world problems, and to enjoy mathematics with students because MATH IS COOL.

Q) What do you want to do at GPA?

A) I want to help students to understand mathematics better and to get to know each of my students like big sister.

Q)What is your teaching philosophy?

A) My teaching philosophy is that teaching should be interactive between teachers and students.  We should communicate about problems to get the better way to solve or understand it.

Q) What is your teaching experience?

A) I have taught several math classes from high school to graduate school, such as U.S. Air Force Academy, Air Force Institute of Technology, Red Rocks Community College, etc.

Q) What was your GPA in high school?

A)  Somewhere between 3.9 and 4.0.

Q) How long have you been in Korea?

A) I have visited Korea many times, and this time I have been in JeonJu since June.  So I have been in Korea about 2 months and 20 days.

Q) Why did you come to Korea?

A) I plan to visit my mom and spend some time with her and my baby.

Q) What’s your favorite thing about Korea?

A) Food… ^^