How to Explore the GPA / JJU Campus

Our school, GPA, is in the Jeonju University so it is not easy to find way to go at first time. So in this article, I will explain you how to explore school!

  1. How to go to the cafeteria from GPA
    1. The cafeteria is on the student union. Almost of the students eat lunch and buy some snack at convenience store or buy note at stationary store. Also there is different kind ATM machines so we can take out money.
    2. What are we doing at there?
    3. How to go

      1.This is our school we will start from here. 


  1. As you come out from GPA, keep walk down following the road.


     3. When you walk for 3 minutes, you could see clock tower. Then just follow the road that leads to the clock tower.


     4. Finally! You arrived at cafeteria! If you get into the clock tower, there will be cafeteria!


  1. How to go to library from GPA
    1. There are two libraries in Jeonju Univ. One is English children library and another one is university library. We can use both library. When Mid-term and final test come close, we study at university library a lot.
    1. What are we doing at there?
    2. How to go

     1. Go with same route that I posted at ‘how to go to cafeteria’.

     2. Walk to inside a little bit more. Then you can see stairs which have star drawing.


3. Then walk up stairs. (There are a lot of stairs and very large so it might be little hard.)

4. When you walk all of the stairs and walk a little bit more,  you could see the way in look like this.


  1. How to go to Startower from GPA
    1. At startower, we can eat lunch like cafeteria in clock tower. Also who are living in dormitory, they can buy bus ticket to Seoul South bus terminal
    1. What are we doing at there?
    2. How to go
  1. Go with same route that I posted at ‘how to go to cafeteria’.

     2. Do not go to cafeteria just go straight and follow this way.


     3. When you keep walk down the road, you will find one building.


      4. Then when you keep walk the road, you will found one horse         sculpture.


     5. Tada! You arrived at Startower! Left side door of CU is entry of Startower.


     +In Addition, at right side of CU, you can buy bus ticket to Seoul South bus terminal.


There are many things in Jeonju University, but this time, I just showed some places that GPA student will be helped when they know how to go. I hope that you get helped by my post!