Field Trip Review

Field Trip

Our school decided to go field trip to Muju in Jeollabuk Do on Thursday 20, April. The school told us the plan that we are going to do and have fun at there. I heard that the school went to the Muju once for the field trip over six years ago and had a fun time at there. In past few years, they rode four wheels motorcycle. In this year, we decided to ride the four wheels motorcycle too. Also, the school will let us play survival game, which is also known as paintball. When I searched for the place that we are going to sleep, it seemed awesome. They had billiards, singing room and even table tennis too.

At the first day of the field trip, we had classes until fourth period. Then we ate lunch, and we started to move at 1:20pm Up to Muju, it took almost two hours to go there. One thing that I did not like was rain. It was raining that day. However, we still did what we planned before. First of all, we divided into two teams and rode four wheel motorcycle and did paint gun game. There was a long course for the motorcycle and it was very fun. We can release our stress during the riding. Also, when we shoot each other, we can also get rid of the stress. It was hurt when we got hit by someone, but still it was fun. At night, we ate samgyupsal for our dinner. We cooked ourselves and ate them. It was very delicious that we ate for one and a half hour. Then we got a free time. Some people went to bed and the others went to play games, singing room, and billiards. It was a fun day. On the next day, we just packed our bags until 10:00, and we moved to Jeonju. It was a fun field trip.